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We help clients achieve cost savings and bring order to convoluted business processes through system training, Process Automation and Project Support.

What We Do

We help clients like insurance, energy companies, steel manufacturers and government organisations, achieve cost savings and bring order to messy business processes and customer satisfaction through System Training, Process Automation and Project Supports (e.g. payment, management package).

We’re solution focused. We choose the right tools to provide the best results. We take the lead on managing key finance led projects as well as assisting with core functional activities.

We are experts in integration, transition and transformation projects especially with SAP S4/HANA and SAP ECC 6. Our clients choose us because we’re cost effective, we deliver results and we bring innovation to their team. We are expert people because we solve our customer’s challenges.

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why choose ian brothers?

We are qualified accountants and experienced across multiple industry and practice. We have successfully delivered multiple implementations, post acquisition and data migration projects. We help our clients to untangle, document, and optimise their processes.

Business Team

Business Process Improvement:

Discover > Document > Improve.

We come with our outsider perspective. We shadow your team to quickly discover, document and improve your processes, helping you refine, reduce errors, and resolve confusion. We are growing because we get result and we get them right the first time. Our methodology has been refined over a combined 25 years working both as an in-house and an independent consultant. We get results, and we get them fast.


Our implementation support service ensures the effective implementation of our clients choosing finance system in line with their requirements and expectations. So far we have successfully supported our clients to implement multiple SAP system (ECC & S4/HANA) and Access Dimensions on schedule and effectively. 

Our Professional Services team is focused on adding value by helping clients to leverage their choosing solution to improve their business. 

Working as a Team
Working in a Team


Our clients’ payments are received through Bacs, debit card or by more recent payment methods via online banking or Apple Pay. One of our clients used to experience errors such as misallocation and payments being held within an ever-growing suspense account.

By combining bank data and validation data files with identified remittance criteria, we are able to offer efficient matching without manual intervention which only take place during limited instances of exceptions handling.


Enhance your team SAP end users skills with IBL.
Augment existing skills and develop new expertise for SAP financial management solutions. Developed for end users at IBL, we make sure that our clients team record financial transactions accurately and follow the best Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We show our clients accounting team the potential of SAP for reporting and analysis of financial data. We also support implementation of MDM and help you set up and train on how to use the IMPS tools.



We provide services in respect of Excel Application which include VBA Programming, Financial Modeling, Automating Data Processes & Reports, Data Manipulation, Data Analysis, Data Entry Forms, Data Cleansing and Data Integration.


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