Excel - VBA and Financial Modeling

Excel - VBA and Financial Modeling

We provide services in respect of Excel Application which include VBA Programming, Financial Modeling, Automating Data Processes and Reports, Data Manipulation, Data
Analysis, Data Entry Forms, Data Cleansing and Data Integration.&

Excel for Business Processes

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and most used spreadsheet programs today. It offers capabilities and functionalities to firms in automating processes, quick turnarounds and minimize errors at lower costs. Excel is an essential managerial tool in data manipulation, advanced and simplified analysis.

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Decision Making in organizations

Today organizations are using Excel to create financial models to understand the financial impact of various options available to them. Using financial modeling enables better decision making, improves processes and increases the efficiency of organizations. Excel is clearly the dominant spreadsheet tool with an extremely wide range of applications, including Pivot Reporting, Power Query and VBA.

 Our competent financial models will assist you in evaluating different strategic initiatives and corporate transactions, their impact on company performance and shareholder value. We build detailed financial forecast models based on sound financial and commercial assumptions.


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